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Food Allergy Life Project

Food Allergy Life is a group of FARE’s TAG members who create informative videos in order to spread food allergy awareness and show what it is like to be a teen living with food allergies. We are using our videos to empower us to share our voices to better the food allergy community. For this project, we created a YouTube Channel titled: Food Allergy Life, made for anyone with or without food allergies wanting tips, recipes, and stories coming from our TAG Members. Our goal for this year is to publish 20-30 videos on our Channel and gain an audience of people to support our project and spread food allergy awareness. 


So far, we have published 10 videos ranging from recipes, group discussions, personal stories, and brand reviews. Additionally, each week our group members take over our Instagram (@_foodallergylife) to show what their day is like as a teen living with food allergies. 

This project has been super fun for me this year because I have been able to connect with more TAG friends and create more content to spread awareness for food allergies.

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Our Videos

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