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Hi Everyone! I'm Catherine and I have severe food allergies. Advocating for food allergies is one of my passions and through publishing Cook It Up, I was able to share my allergy friendly recipes with everyone! It is important to educate everyone about the importance of food allergies to spread awareness and understanding.

I hope you enjoy my recipes, blog posts, and videos!


Cook It Up is an allergy friendly cookbook with all of my original recipes, now I want to share more recipes through my blog. I hope you enjoy!


I am a FARE TAG member and have been advocating for food allergies for many years. Click to learn more about my advocacy work!

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I make many videos about food allergies and healthy recipes, click to watch!


I was inspired to write Cook It Up because of how much cooking safe food impacted my childhood. I always look forward to trying new things and cooking with my family. When I became interested in creating my own recipes, my mind was always flowing with new ideas for something to make. I noticed as far as cookbooks went, there were never many teen authors, especially with allergy cookbooks. I wanted to change that and be able to provide easy, delicious, allergy friendly recipes for people like me.



Cooking has always been very important in my family. It is a way for us to all connect and have nice social time together. Ever since I was little I have cooked allergy friendly meals with my family because I am not able to eat at restaurants often. Over the years making recipes has been a way for me to share my love of cooking with the world. Cooking has always been a part of my life and using it to advocate for food allergies has been amazing.

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