I love sharing my voice through making videos. I have collaborated with FARE's Living Teal Channel as well as led my own video project with my friends. My videos range from recipes, to lifestyle tips, and everything about food allergies. I hope you enjoy and can learn more about food allergy awareness!

My Food Allergy Story

Living with food allergies has impacted my life in many ways, but I have chosen to take the positive route and advocate for food allergy awareness. Here I share my food allergy story, which is my journey in learning more about myself and the condition that affects my daily life.

Cooking Challenge with Ali Khan

I challenged Food Network Judge Ali Khan to make, taste, and judge my allergy friendly recipes. We made my creamy potato fennel soup and dairy free grilled cheese recipes.

TAG Project Intro

I am so excited to be leading a TAG project this year. We are a group of teens sharing our voices through videos to advocate for the food allergy community. Here is our first video introduction to the project!

My First Interview

This was my first interview way back in 2018 when I was still finishing up my cookbook. I talk about publishing my book, cooking demos, and my food allergies. So crazy how time flies!